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Inside Eyelash Growth Serums: What Works, What Doesn't

Inside Eyelash Growth Serums: What Works, What Doesn't

Eyelash growth serums can be one of those beauty products that seem too good to be true. Is it really possible to make your eyelashes grow thicker and longer? 

With something so delicate and sensitive such as eyelashes, it’s understandable to be concerned and want to research before trying any kind of solutions. You might have come across DIY options, over the counter products, prescriptions, or natural remedies. You may have even seen before-and-after pictures showing their experiences but are still skeptical considering the risks involved such as irritation, redness, etc. So we’re here to share what some of the more popular options are, if they really work, and if it’s safe to use! 

Ingredients and their use:

Biotin: This is the most common active ingredient in over-the-counter eyelash serums which are often marketed as conditioning or growth treatments. Biotin as we’ve covered before has claimed to improve your hair’s health by strengthening keratin, the protein building block for your hair.

On one hand we have cosmetic chemist Stephen Alain Ko share that  “the influence of biotin on hair and nail growth is closer to urban myth than a fact at this point” because of our bodies inefficient ability to absorb it. There unfortunately is no compelling evidence to show that biotin will increase lash growth when absorbed through the eyelash however, what about biotin supplements that are ingested? Biotin when taken as a supplement consistently for a period of time in the proper dosage can show improved results. While it may not grow hair, it can provide the foundational help your body needs to take care of your existing hair. Proper dosage being 100-200mcg/day for adults according to experts however, consulting with your doctor is always recommended. So with Biotin, ingestion allows for more absorption, as compared to topical use, can prove to have beneficial results with preserving and strengthening hair, and is safe to use with options available at your nearest CVS store, Rite Aid, or even Han’s Beauty. 

Castor Oil:

You’ve probably read about using castor oil as an at home remedy. While it may help your eyelashes look longer, it more than likely is a cosmetic trick giving the illusion of thicker hairs as opposed to long term actual beneficial support. Of course though, if it looks the part for you, that’s what we’re going for! If you decide to try castor oil, know that it will not grow your eyelashes and that there are risks with anything. Be careful not to get into your eye and perhaps try it on your skin first to see if you have any allergic reactions. 

Peptides, Panethenol, Vitamins, Amino Acids, and Hyaluronic Acid: 

A majority of other eyelash serums also include a cocktail of these ingredients and while effects may vary, they can stimulate lash growth, help repair breakage, and make your lashes more flexible and less resistant to further damage. Eyelash serums containing these ingredients usually serve as a long term treatment that requires consistent usage but there’s proven results!. Most of the time, the products require that you apply them close to the root so as said before, it’s important to be careful when applying these treatments and lookout for any irritation, redness, and follow the product’s instructions. 

Available options: 

Latisse $120+ 


Unlike over the counter serums, Latisse is one brand that is only available with a prescription and is FDA approved. However, despite the success of their science based treatment to increase length, thickness, and darkness of eyelashes, there have been reported experiences of darkening in the eyelid skin, and brown iris pigmentation which can be permanent and more likely to happen with those who have lighter colored eyes.

Maybeline $15


For those looking to stay on a friendly budget, Maybelline’s serum is available and while we don’t recommend it, it’s an inexpensive way to test whether you’re sensitive to the ingredients listed above. 

Grande Cosmetics $64 with Han's Beauty Stør

Grande Cosmetics

This is our recommended approach as we ‘ve seen first hand testimonials from our in store customers of how this product has truly worked with time and consistency. 

“Once you start lash extensions it’s like a downward cycle. It’s expensive, time consuming, irritating, and harsh on your natural lashes. They looked great but it wasn’t worth it overtime so I stopped doing that after researching other options and I stuck with Grande. I started seeing a difference in 3-4 weeks and the results are worth it because they last.”

“Made my lashes fuller and longer. My favorite serum, and I’ve tried several.”

Grande Cosmetics Eyelash Growth Serum testimonial: “Made my lashes fuller and longer. My favorite serum, and I’ve tried several.”

The Takeaway

Lash serums can be a long term more permanent way to make your eyelashes fuller and longer without having to rely on extensions, mascara, primers, etc. Over the counter options have proven to be effective but DIY treatments like castor oil are more than likely temporary tricks. When using a lash serum, the key thing is to have consistent usage for at least 1 month to see results. Like with anything good, it takes time so be patient!

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