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Is my hair Fine or Coarse?

Is my hair Fine or Coarse?

Do you know if your hair is fine or coarse? 

When it comes to choosing the right hair care products, identifying your hair type is essential for knowing what products to look for and which one will and won’t work for you.  Often times, many of our hair concerns stem from simply using the wrong products.

So, let’s find your hair type! Fine, medium, and coarse refer to the diameter of your hair. That is, the actual width of your hair strands. It has nothing to do with how MUCH hair you have or the amount!  Fine hair has a small diameter whereas coarse hair has a big diameter.  To find out the diameter, start by taking a single strand and laying it on a table. If you can barely see it or not feel the hair at all between two fingers, then you have fine hair. If you feel a solid, thick strand, then its coarse.

So why does this matter?

By knowing your hair type, you can find which hair products are best for you, what ingredients to avoid, and best styling options. The biggest complaint with Fine hair is that it lacks volume and gets greasy. So, finding products that add fullness and are sulfate free will help with daily care and styling. Firstly, blowdry your hair upside down (it adds volume we promise) and limit the amount of brushing you do; Don’t sabotage your volume by brushing it too much. For greasiness, try sulfate- free shampoos and even wash daily!  Finally, most hair products are too heavy for fine hair so look for ones that specifically say “for fine hair”

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On the other hand, Coarse hair tends to be frizzy and dry so, look for moisturizing hair masks or a light oil/serum to nourish the follicles. Blow drying and other hot styling tools pulls moisture out and after repeated styling, more and more damage is done causing dullness, split ends, and follicle breakage. Try a thermal protectant for frizziness due to heat tools!  

Overall, knowing your hair type is important. You’ll save money by trying the right products for you instead of wasting them on ones that simply won’t work for your hair type. Also, you’ll spend less time struggling to find what works for you. By knowing your hair type, you know exactly what to look for and from that point it's personal preference of which brand to go with.

As always, ask us any questions in the comments below or contact us directly and we'd love to suggest products for your hair type!

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