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Free Shipping on orders $75+
OPI Nature Strong - Natural Origin Nail Polish

OPI Nature Strong - Natural Origin Nail Polish

OPI's first natural origin vegan nail lacquer has arrived! This natural origin nail polish stays on so you can stay natural. Feel emflowered by 30 new shades in a range of neutral earth tones. With up to 7 days of wear and shine and ingredients you can trust, Nature Strong is the best of both worlds. No compromises required.

OPI Good-For-You Ingredients.

Nature Strong's non-GMO formula is made up of quality plant and mineral-based ingredients like sugar cane, wheat, and corn. We proudly carry the Vegan Society and 9-free* seal, meaning our formula is free of animal-derived ingredients, chemicals, and fillers you may not want in your nail polish, and our bottle and cap are made with 20% PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic. *US Only.

Han's Beauty Stor:

After product testing, we can confirm that OPI's Nature Strong Nail Polish is similar in texture and viscosity level compared to its counterpart - OPI Original Nail Lacquer's. Of course we suggest using OPI Nature Strong Top Coat for extra shine and protection, but do note, OPI recommends applying 2 (two) thin coats to each nail. In addition, due to the susceptibility of chipping in natural nail polishes, it is recommended to brush nail polish at the nail's hanging edge to "cap" the nail and help prevent chipping. These tips should ensure a longer lasting experience.

*Exclusive to In-Store Customers only!

Gluten Free              Vegan           Post Consumer Recycled Materials
OPI Nature Strong shades
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