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Purple vs. Blue Shampoo: Which is Right For You?!

Purple vs. Blue Shampoo: Which is Right For You?!

Remember the old color wheel from art class?! That color wheel is really the best way to understand whether blue or purple shampoo is right for you. On the color wheel you’ll see that the opposite of blue is orange and the opposite of purple is yellow. See where we’re going?

But first, Why?

It’s important to note that all different hair colors present different undertones. But, generally speaking brunette hair typically produce unwanted warm orange undertones while those with very dark hair can have red undertones. As for blondes and others with light hair color, strong yellow undertones are usually what’s present. When these warm undertones start to appear in blonde, brunette, or dark hair whether it was from previous lightening color treatment, hair products, heat styling, or natural causes like the sun and pollution, it’s referred to as brassiness. 

Going back to the color wheel, to get rid of this unwanted brassiness, you’ll need to tone it down with the opposite color. So to break it down, those facing orange tones (typically brunettes) will need to use blue shampoo to cancel it out where as most blondes will need to use purple shampoo to cancel out their yellow tones. 

How to Use:

Purple and Blue shampoos do NOT replace your everyday shampoos! Instead, use them interchangeably. Meaning, switch back and forth between your regular shampoo and blue or purple shampoo. Remember, purple and blue shampoos actually are filled with color! So, use it too much and it can color your hair purple or blue! Of course, this is only temporary and you will see it slowly come through (IF it were to happen) before it dramatically changes your hair to a blueberry. Use as necessary, usually at minimum once a week. Apply throughout hair, lather, and let absorb for a couple minutes, then rinse out. Pro tip: often times your hands and fingers will be colored so consider wearing gloves to prevent!

Additional Benefits:

  • Extend your color and Save on expensive trips to the salon

Not only do Purple and Blue shampoo neutralize unwanted brassy tones simply by washing at home, but by doing this you extend the life of your salon services AND save on having to return for a color correction. 

  • Maintain Shine and Luster

Helping your color last longer is one thing, but what’s the point if your color is dull? Our favorite purple and blue shampoos to maintain your color and shine include

Purple Shampoos:

Olaplex #4P

Pravana The Perfect Blonde Shampoo

Blue Shampoos:

Matrix Total Results Brass Off

Redken Color Extend Brownlights Sulfate Free Blue Shampoo

Now that you know which to get, how often to use it, and which our favorite options are, you’re on your way to maintaining your colored hair!

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