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Waxing vs. Shaving: Everything You Need to Know in Time for Your Summer Vacation

Waxing vs. Shaving: Everything You Need to Know in Time for Your Summer Vacation

Getting ready to go on summer vacation? Debating to schedule a must needed post quarantine wax or just shave? Here is everything you need to know! 

Our favorite season is here, summer, but that means more needed attention as we hop into our favorite bikini! From our underarms, to our legs and in between, deciding and researching whether to shave or wax while keeping in mind time, ease, and effectiveness, can be time consuming and lead you down a rabbit hole. But we’re here to give you a one stop breakdown to quickly answer whether you should shave or wax before your next vacation, trip to the beach, or sun tan session by the pool. 

Whether it’s a brazilian or underarm wax, if you have the time, waxing is generally the best method for removing hair but it all comes down to your personal preference. Not only does waxing remove the hair from it’s root leading to a finer, sparser hair to grow back, but it lasts longer when compared to shaving. Shaving simply cuts the hair growing above the skin therefore, while it’s quick and convenient, you miss out on a lot of additional benefits from waxing including: 

  1. Reduced risk of ingrown hairs
  2. Finer, slower hair regrowth
  3. Cheaper alternative

Of course though, everything has pros and cons and with waxing it can be irritating on the skin in certain areas, prevent you from sun tanning or wearing tight fitted clothing within 48 hours, and not as economical as shaving is in the short term. Because waxing requires more force to remove the hair follicle from under the skin, it’s best to avoid hot showers and baths and any friction in the area for at least 48 hours to allow the follicles to close and skin to recover. In addition, whether you’re going to a spa or using an at home product, you have to wait til hair has grown about a quarter inch for the wax to be effective. This of course is more planning and forward thinking which sometimes we just don’t have the time of day and patience to think about. 

While shaving might be more quick and convenient, the results don’t last as long as waxing. According to Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, M.D., dermatologist and founder of Entière Dermatology in NYC,

“hair growth is variable and depends on a number of factors, including the area of removal. For instance, hair on the bikini and the underarm may grow faster than the arms and legs, so it’s important to use similar areas when comparing waxing vs. shaving.” On average, waxing lasts around four weeks before regrowth appears and even longer if done consistently." 

As far as shaving goes, because hair is simply being cut from above the skin’s surface, to see stubble free skin requires shaving more often as quickly as every 24 hours. Those with naturally finer hair might be able to squeeze in an extra day or two depending on the area however quick and easy also means more often when it comes to shaving. 

Now that we’ve broken down the pros and cons for you on waxing vs. shaving, which one will you choose for summer?!

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