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Free Shipping on orders $75+

Frownies Facial Patches - For Corners of Eyes & Mouth - 144 patches

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Frownies wrinkle patches also target lines around the corners of the mouth and eyes. Frownies work by splinting the facial muscles, holding them smooth and thus lifting the lines. 


  • 144 Patches in each box


  • Pregnancy Safe

How to Use:

Separate and smooth the wrinkle or crease. Moisten patches on the shiny side with Rose Water Hydrator. Apply patch over the smoothed line. Leave on at least 3 hours, preferably overnight. Remove patch by wetting thoroughly to release the adhesive. Treat the area by utilizing a moisturizer before and after patching the wrinkle. Using Frownies products consistently, every single day, is key to seeing results.


 *Frownies Rosewater Spray is recommended to activate the adhesive on the patches and applies a skin treatment to the back of the patch. 

*Contains unbleached natural kraft paper with water-activated adhesive.