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Free Shipping on orders $75+

It's A 10 Brightening Shampoo For Blondes

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Bring out your best-possible blonde with a daily shampoo that’s designed to address the special needs of platinum blondes, ash blondes, and every blonde in between. Enhances highlights and refreshes golden hues with a gentle cleansing that protects against fading, retains color, and tones down brassiness.


1. Brightens highlights

2. Tones brassiness

3. Refreshes faded blonde tones

4. Prolongs color retention

5. Protection against color fading

6. Safe for everyday use

7. Conditioning formula

8. Enhances volume

9. Weightless shine

10. UV protectant

How to Use:

Use daily or every other day to gently cleanse blonde hair. Wet under warm water and lather for three to five minutes, concentrating mainly on scalp and letting suds cascade through length of hair. Follow with a warm or lukewarm water rinse and pat dry or style as normal.