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Free Shipping on orders $75+

Sorme Get A Brow Shaping Gel

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Reign in unruly brows with this conditioning, non-flaking shaping gel! Infused with Panthenol (Vitamin B5) for shine and Keratin proteins for maximum brow, this gel strengthen brows while adding natural color definition.

How to Use:

Make sure your brows are dry and free from oils or creams before applying; 1. Choose gel according to your brow density: If your eyebrows are particularly sparse, opt for one of our tinted gels to help fill in the gaps. 2. Use clear #938 brow gel on its own for a clean, fresh look or over our brow powders, brow pencil to bring your whole look together. 3. Before applying, wipe off any excess gel using the lid. 4.Start brushing the gel across the inner brow, and move outwards, working with the grain of the hair. Hot Tip: Wiggle brush back and forth over the tiny hairs above your brow to create the illusion of length and fullness.