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Expert Tips to Prevent Color from Fading and Keep Hair Looking Shiny and Vibrant

Expert Tips to Prevent Color from Fading and Keep Hair Looking Shiny and Vibrant

Whether you're touching up your grays with permanent hair color, having some fun with a blue semi permanent hair color, or seeing you hairstylist to update your balayage, color fading happens to everyone no matter what products you use. However, there are ways to minimize it, extend the life of your hair color, and keep it looking vibrant and shiny with affordable simple steps!  

1. Use Products Formulated for Color Treated Hair

Not all hair products are made alike. If your hair is color treated and your goal is to extend the life of the color while keeping it shiny and vibrant, it's important to start with a shampoo and conditioner that is color safe. How do you know if it's color safe? Most of the time, products will clearly state it on their packaging however what's most important is double checking the ingredients list and making sure there's no sulfates. Look for Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Sulfate is the primary ingredient that's responsible for creating that soapy sudsy feeling and it's also very cleansing. For anyone with color treated hair, a sensitive scalp, or dry hair, it's best to use a sulfate free shampoo. The cleansing from sulfate filled shampoos is great however not always necessary as it can strip your hair color and clean your hair too much. Pureology is a great brand that includes all sulfate free products therefore no matter what you choose, you're color is protected! 

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo


2. Turn Down the Heat

Showering in hot water can be relaxing but it can really set your hair back if it's done often. From feeling dry and brittle, looking dull, to color fading, it's best for your hair health to turn down the temperature and use lukewarm water. 


3. Invest in Better Hair Color

If you're coloring your own hair in between salon visits, SKIP the box dye.. The quality and kind of hair dye you use is important because even if you follow the previously mentioned steps, your hair dye might be the culprit to begin with. There's a wide range of available hair color and it can easily get confusing, but we're here to help! Generally speaking, one of our favorite hair colors to recommend for good gray coverage is Vivitone. For anyone looking to go more natural while still having good gray coverage, Naturcolor is ammonia free and paraben free. Both are great in quality for long lasting and minimal damage compared to the box dye you might find at your grocery store.

Vivitone Hair Color and Naturcolor

4. Protect Your Hair!

When styling your hair, it's essential to use a heat protectant. Nobody likes hearing that the blow dryer, curling iron, and flat iron damages hair because these tools can be a staple in our daily routine but unfortunately, they contribute to color fading and dullness. At the very least, apply your favorite hair oil and comb through and turn down the heat. When it comes to irons, it's best to use a heat protectant because they can definitely get hotter than a blowdryer and have direct contact with the hair. Olaplex's new No. 9 Nourishing Hair Serum provides heat protection up to 450ºF along with a wide range of additional benefits such as frizz control, pollution protection, added moisture, and improved hair styling and manageability. Best thing, it's also weightless and silicone free! 

Model pumping olaplex serum


5. Healthy Hair = Happy Hair & Long Lasting Color

Healthy hair is happy hair and happy hair likes to hug your color - meaning it grabs the color better than dry damaged hair. Once or twice a week, it's important to make time for a deep conditioner/hair mask. Deep conditioners help restore your hair's health by adding moisture along with other nutrients like vitamins and minerals directly into the hair shaft. In addition to leaving your hair color more vibrant, it also will help make your hair shiny, healthy, and more manageable for styling. Our recommendation is to apply into the hair, wrap your hair with a processing cap, then add low to medium heat with a blow dryer. This helps your hair absorb the product! 

Implement a hair mask

Overall, sulfates inside commonly used shampoos, sun exposure, and frequent styling with hot tools can make hair color fade faster. Much faster. Simply put, be gentle with your hair and use gentle products. In addition, keep it healthy by moisturizing it with leave- in conditioners and hair masks to ensure the best long lasting vibrancy and shine.

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