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How to Get Volume and Fullness that Doesn’t Fall Short this Season

How to Get Volume and Fullness that Doesn’t Fall Short this Season

Getting volume and fullness in fine limp hair can be challenging especially when your hair gets used to certain products and routines. However, there are products and routines to consistently follow ALWAYS and also to AVOID! 


1. Shower

Starting inside the shower, it’s best to avoid shampoos and conditioners that claim moisturizing, hydrating or creamy properties if you’re looking for fuller strands and lifted roots. While extra moisture and a creaminess to your shampoo and conditioner might be helpful for the fall when hair can get frizzy, it tends to weigh the hair down and is not what you want for the starting foundation to your hairstyling. 


2. Hair Drying and Styling

Ideally, blow drying can really help lift those stubborn limp hairs. Because volume stems from the roots and crown of your hair, give this area a boost with a blow dryer combined with a volumizing mousse. Simply add a dollop of mousses to your roots, pull through to your ends to distribute, and continue blow drying while using a ceramic round brush to rotate and lift your roots. A ceramic round brush is best because it evenly distributes heat throughout your hair allowing it to dry fast, not overly concentrate the heat in one area, and also allowing you to turn and rotate the brush to actually lift the hair upwards. Of course, not everyone has the time to do this on a daily basis so with that said, at the bare minimum use a towel. 

Some mousses have a heat activated hold factor them which can help maintain your lift throughout the day. Some of our personal favorites include:


Unite Elevate Mousse                                       Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse

Alterna Multiplying Volume Mousse

Since towels are typically made from thick, textured fabric, they are perfect for roughening up the hair’s cuticle and creating texture to the strands. This texture makes the hair look wide and amplifies the look of your strands. Flip your hair over and rub the towel from roots to ends. 


3. Finishing touches

Now that your hair has a solid foundation of fullness and lift, it’s time to lock it in and to make sure it stays that way all day. As a finishing touch, a texturizing or root finishing spray, or volumizing powder can do wonders. Both applications, spray or powder, are lightweight and can give incredible texture allowing your fine limp hairs something to grab onto providing more dimension, and the illusion that it’s fuller. Again, since volume stems from the roots, apply both to the roots and finish up with your favorite holding hairspray! 


Unite Exapnda Dust volumizing powder


Lanza Dry Texture Spray 


4. What more can be done?

If these tips and tricks still haven’t held up for you, look for ingredients like filloxane, wheat proteins, peppermint, and sunflower oil. These are all ingredients that can help lift the roots and plump your strands. 

Sometimes going old school is best as well. A tried and true way is by using velcro rollers. Pro tip: Once the hair is set in the rollers, spray the hair with hairspray. Or, opt for rollers that are gentle and allow you to sleep in them! 

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