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The Dangers of Buying Counterfeit, Tampered Beauty Products and How to Ensure You’re Getting The Real Deal:

The Dangers of Buying Counterfeit, Tampered Beauty Products and How to Ensure You’re Getting The Real Deal:

5 Star Reviews Don’t Mean Much if They’re Coming from the Wrong Place.

Have you ever purchased a beauty product online whether it be skin care, hair appliances, hairstyling, or even a brush and it didn’t turn out the way you expected? Maybe it smelled a bit off, had a different color from what it should be, was in a different packaging, or maybe a different consistency even though you bought it from a reputable site with 5 star reviews. If this has happened to you or if you’ve ever heard of this experience through a friend, you know that a 5 star rating doesn’t mean much if the product is handled improperly and coming from the wrong place. 

No matter what the product is, it’s important to make sure you’re getting your professional beauty supply from the right place because WHAT you’re buying is just as important as WHERE you’re buying it from. 

The Importance of Authorized Sellers.

Authorized retailers, also known as authorized sellers, are able to sell professional products by working directly with the professional brands and or their licensed distributors. By doing so, your favorite brands are able to guarantee the products are authentic, have not been tampered with, or altered in any way that might do harm or change the product’s effectiveness. This is because throughout the entire chain from the product being manufactured, labeled, shipped to the brand’s warehouse, sent to the distributor, and then sent to the authorized retailer, there is no unauthorized middle man tampering with the products.

Problem with Unauthorized Sellers.

But, sometimes even when products are truly from the manufacturing brand, unauthorized sellers still find ways to get these products through a process called diversion. This is when a seller gets products from someone other than the authorized distributor or direct from the brand. Meaning somewhere along that chain, there is someone illegally providing products to the unauthorized seller. Because of this, the product’s warranty, performance, and quality cannot be guaranteed.

You might see on certain products in writing “Guaranteed ONLY when purchased within the professional beauty salon industry NOT from a drugstore, supermarket, or other unauthorized source” as seen below! 

Looking for a "Guaranteed Only" symbol or text on the product's packaging. This may provide further insight into whether you are purchasing from a reputable seller...or not.


How to Avoid.

  1. Buy from authorized sellers:

The easiest way to do this is to make sure the place you're buying your beauty products from is authorized. You can buy directly from the brand or check their authorized dealers and retailers section through their official website. Han’s Beauty Stør is authorized! You will get the best deal for the real product. Companies like professional skin care brand Dermalogica, who we are proud to be authorised to carry, takes this seriously. Not only because it’s the right way to do business but because customer safety depends on it. 

Authorized sellers may be hard to find. But brands will provide insight as to who to purchase from or who not to purchase from on their website
  1. Beware of deals that are too good to be true.

If an offer from a retailer seems too good to be true, it probably is. While you might be able to buy some beauty products cheaper at a big box store, drug store, and unauthorized store in general, is it worth it? The brand can no longer guarantee the products performance, warranty, quality. In the end, these professional beauty products are cheaper for a reason and it’s because the product you're getting is not the same as the products you think you’re getting. So is it worth the risk? Everything considered, you might be spending more money because it’s common for these products to end up being ineffective because they’re old or diluted. 

If you want to save on beauty products, we’re right there with you! You can get great deals on shipping, email sign up discounts, flash sales, and free gifts with purchase online with us at Hans Beauty Stør! 

The Bottom Line.

Counterfeiters and unauthorized retailers cause a lot of damage and trouble every year. They unfairly affect the reviews of legitimate products and take cheap shortcuts while hurting the same brands they sell. Beauty supplies like us at Han’s Beauty Stør work directly with our brands not only allowing us to sell real products but also learning the most up to date information on the status of products. Maybe a product is going through a formula change, being discontinued, or going through a packaging change. If so, we’ll know and always share with you!

All in all as an authorized retailer, we’re able to sell genuine, untampered, original products at a competitive price often times cheaper than our competitors. So when you buy from us, you can feel confident knowing that you’re getting the best deal for the real thing. 

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