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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine!

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine!

As the flowers bloom and the weather warms, it's not just our homes that could use a good spring cleaning – our beauty routines could benefit from a refresh too! Just as we declutter our living spaces, it's important to declutter our skincare and makeup routines to ensure they're working effectively for us. So, let's roll up our sleeves and revitalize our beauty regimens with these five spring cleaning tips:

Purge Expired Products: Take a good look through your makeup bag and skincare stash and toss anything that's past its prime. Expired products not only lose their efficacy but can also harbor bacteria, leading to skin irritation and breakouts. Check the expiration dates on your products, especially those with active ingredients like retinol or vitamin C, and bid farewell to anything that's past its use-by date. An easy way to tell if a product is bad or expired is to see if its color has changed, if the product has separated, if it's dry, or if it smells poorly! 


Streamline Your Routine: Spring is the perfect time to streamline your beauty routine, opting for lighter products that suit the warmer weather. Swap out heavy moisturizers and foundations for lighter alternatives like gel moisturizers with SPF or tinted moisturizers. Consider multi-purpose products that save both time and space in your routine! 

For those who experience brassy hair, spring and summer tends to exacerbate brassiness so be sure to stock up on your purple and blue shampoos to counteract it! 


Deep Clean Your Tools: Your makeup brushes and beauty blenders can harbor dirt, oil, and bacteria, so it's essential to give them a thorough cleaning regularly. Use a gentle brush cleanser like Brush Off to wash your brushes, then rinse thoroughly and allow them to air dry. For Beauty sponges, they should be cleaned after each use with soap and warm water, and replaced every few months to prevent bacterial buildup.

Reassess Your Skincare Needs: As the seasons change, so do our skin's needs. Warmer weather may mean increased oil production and humidity, requiring adjustments to your skincare routine. Consider incorporating lightweight, oil-free products to prevent clogged pores and breakouts. Don't forget the importance of SPF – opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Some of our favorites include Dermalogica's Dynamic Skin Recovery with SPF 50, Dermalogica's Calm Water Gel, Dr. Murad's Age Balancing Moisturizing with SPF 30, and Dr. Murad's Perfecting Day Cream with SPF 30


Organize Your Beauty Space: A cluttered beauty space can make it difficult to find what you need and can even lead to neglecting certain products. Take some time to organize your makeup, skincare, and haircare products, decluttering any items you no longer use or need. Invest in storage solutions like clear acrylic organizers or drawer dividers to keep your products neat and accessible. 


Spring cleaning isn't just for your home – it's an opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate your beauty routine as well. By purging expired products, streamlining your routine, deep cleaning your tools, reassessing your skincare needs, and organizing your beauty space, you can ensure that your beauty regimen is working effectively for you. So, embrace the spirit of spring cleaning and treat yourself to a fresh start for your skin and beauty routine!

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