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Free Shipping orders $55+

Seki Edge

Seki Edge is a line of highly refined and ergonomically designed personal care grooming products produced by Green Bell LTD, in Japan. From nail clippers, tweezers and eyelash curlers to men’s grooming kits, this high value cutting edge collection of world-class implements is made by the finest craftsmen in Japan.

The story behind Seki Edge dates back to the 13th century in Seki City, a small city in the central mountains of Japan. Due to its rich natural resources, abundant materials, blade soil, and good quality water, a master swordsmith named Motoshige chose Seki as the ideal place to produce samurai swords for the region. Today, Seki is world-famous for manufacturing the finest cutlery, knives, razors and grooming tools. The Seki Edge collection from Green Bell has long since evolved, merging modern technology with traditional hand craftsmanship capabilities to produce the pivotal point of difference compared to other brands in the beauty grooming marketplace.

Seki Edge products are largely a result of focusing on the experience one feels using them. Just ask the nail beauty pros, beauty media influencers and at-home users who have sworn by Seki Edge grooming implements for years. They’ll tell you how much they love how easily these implements cut, shape, smooth and curl … how they feel and fit in your hand … and how fabulous the results are for beautifully groomed nails, brows, lashes and skin.

JATAI continues to look toward the future to provide North American consumers with the opportunity to experience the Seki Edge side of beauty.