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Sexy Hair

SexyHair founder and international award-winning hairdresser, Michael O’ Rourke, was inspired by the diversity of Los Angeles and the many styles that defined what the word sexiness embodied. From beach tousled hair, artistic street style, to glamour red carpet looks, he saw sexy as more than a look, but rather a self-expression. He captured that self-expression and packaged it to inspire hairdressers and consumers alike to create their own sexy.

SexyHair debuted in 1998, with bold red packaging with intention to make a BIG statement in the professional segment. The word SEXY, written big and bold, was shocking, naughty and banned from store windows in some states. Michael O’Rourke and his team of education experts hit the national stages with the intent to turn heads, shock and awe this seductive new brand.

Today, “the big red can” is still the iconic staple of the brand and has become the #1 selling professional hairspray brand in the USA with one can sold ever four seconds.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, SexyHair is a Henkel brand that distributes professional hair care products in more than 37 countries and 60,000 licensed salons across the USA.