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Rubis Classic Slant Tweezer

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Rubis Classic Slant Tweezers are impressive in their simplicity and embody the traditional, perfect and precise craftsmanship of Rubis. The simplicity of their shape and the constant precision of their tip make them the perfect tool. They were developed to make daily eyebrow care easier and more enjoyable.

The tweezers are made of high quality, stainless surgical steel and can be easily disinfected, sterilized or placed in the autoclave. It is the favorite of many brow stylists, estheticians and make up artists. We recommend that you always use the protective cap provided when storing your Rubis tweezers after use. Every pair of Rubis tweezers is handmade and although the tips are durable, their functionality may be compromised if the tweezers accidentally fall and hits a hard surface.

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