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Ahava Dead Sea Bath Salt - Calming Lavender

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These mineral-rich bath salts come straight from the Dead Sea and contain its most potent minerals for an authentic Dead Sea bath experience. They condition the skin by increasing its moisture levels and deliver intense relaxation for body and mind. This bath salt is rich in Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium and Potassium, and infused with lavender aroma (Calming Lavender).


  • Relax your mind & body
  • Elevates the skin's moisture during bath
  • Softens the skin
  • Alochol Free, GMO Free, Paraben Free, and Vegan

How to Use:

Dissolve roughly 1 cup of salt directly into hot water bath. Soak body for 15-20 minutes. Rinse, shower, or wash off remaining residue. Rest for for 30 minutes.

*If you suffer from high blood pressure, consult your doctor before use.

*Not to be used on damaged skin. Not to be used for children under 3 years of age. Avoid eye contact.