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Free Shipping on orders $75+

Amika Perk Up Plus Extended Clean Dry Shampoo

Available for purchase In-Store only. Please contact your preferred location for availability or to reserve for pick-up.

the plus-one that goes above and beyond! infused with gentle AHA mandelic acid, rambutan seed extract, and arrowroot powder, perk up plus allows you to extend time between wash days even further than other dry shampoos**, helping to keep scalp healthy with no grittiness. this invisible dry shampoo helps absorb and remove*** oil, protects against buildup and odor, and leaves hair feeling hydrated and clean.

**based on 94% agreement in a 2week, 52 participant study.
***clinically proven.

Who it's for: all hair types

Why it's special: the plus-one with a lot of perks! perk up plus results in cleaner hair, a healthy scalp, + natural finish.

  • perk up plus extends time between wash days even further, making it ideal for day 3 to 5+ hair.
  • after one use: 94% said Perk Up Plus extends time even further between washes than other dry shampoos*, 92% said Perk Up Plus eliminated excess oil, sweat, and odor* 90% agreed Perk Up Plus refreshed hair + scalp*.
  • infused with scalp-nourishing ingredients like gentle AHA mandelic acid, rambutan seed extract, arrowroot powder, + peptides.
  • absorbs and removes oil*** while protecting against buildup and odor.

*based on a 52 person consumer feedback study lasting for 2 weeks

***clinically proven.

How to Use:

  1. shake well
  2. hold 8 inches away
  3. spray onto roots in sweeping motion
  4. wait 30 seconds
  5. massage or brush through!