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Brush Off Makeup Brush Cleanser

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Ditch the harsh soap and water and opt for a gentle yet cleansing and renewing makeup brush cleaner with Brush Off®

From behind the makeup counter for professional use with dermatologists, to makeup artists and at home use, Brush Off® has set the standard since 1992 to clean, condition, and renew your makeup brushes. Not only does it quickly clean, but also provides a "conditioning" effect to extend the life of your brushes. The full spectrum of makeup brushes including powder, blush, contour, shadow, and more can be used with Brush Off and it does not have the side effects of soap and water which eventually ruins makeup brushes.

How to Use: 

Brush Off's Makeup Brush Cleanser offers an effective and convenient solution for those with limited time. To clean, refresh, and protect your makeup brushes, use Brush Off by spraying directly onto brush. Do not dip into solution. Dries in minutes and is recommended for natural and synthetic bristles.