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Free Shipping on orders $75+

Deva Curl Scalp D(pH)ense Daily Nourishing & Protecting Serum

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DevaCurl's SCALP D(pH)ENSE Daily Nourishing & Protecting Serum is trichologist co-developed and formulated with a pH level for a healthy scalp. This non-oily, nourishing serum with its Scalp Re-Balancing Complex moisturizes dry scalp & can also be used while wearing extensions or protective styles.


  • For dry scalp
  • Formulated to a pH level for a healthy scalp
  • Scalp Re-Balancing Complex moisturizes, nourishes & hydrates dry scalp
  • Gives all curls ultimate curl flexibility


  • Non-oily, nourishing serum is dry to the touch & formulated with UV inhibitors
  • Dermatologist co-developed, backed by science & stylist approved
  • Bottle made from 50% recycled plastics
  • A comforting, spa-like Aqua Bliss scent that starts with notes of eucalyptus, coriander, peppermint and jasmine & finishes with pine, musk and juniper
  • Gluten-free, cruelty-free & vegan
  • Formulated without SLS/SLES Sulfates, Silicones & Parabens

How to Use:

  1. Shake well.
  2. Part curls and apply on clean scalp prior to styling or whenever scalp feels dry, tight, or uncomfortable.
  3. Do not rinse.
  4. Style as usual.