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Enjoy Silver Platinum Shampoo

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This Cationic, Sulfate-Free Shampoo is formulated with the perfect amount of violet pigment, ideal for home maintenance. pH 4.0-5.0

Best for: Brightening Blondes and helping eliminate unwanted yellow and orange tones (Brassiness) 

Directions for Use:

Apply to wet hair, work into lather, leave on for 1-5 minutes or until desired tone is achieved and rinse out. May repeat if necessary. Results may vary, final results of hair will be determined by the health of hair, beginning color of hair, and amount of time the product is left on. Porous hair may process quicker.

CAUTION: This product contains ingredients that may cause skin irritation. A skin allergy test should be performed prior to shampooing (see below). Thoroughly wash hands after use. This shampoo is not for use on eyebrows or eyelashes, if it gets into the eyes it may cause blindness

SKIN ALLERGY TEST: Cleanse a small area with soap and water in the bend of the elbow. Pat dry and apply product to cleansed area using a cotton tipped applicator. Let the test area dry. Do not wash tested area for 48 hours and keep covered. Examine area periodically, if there is any burning, redness, itching, skin abrasions or irritation in or around the tested area do not use this product until you consult a doctor