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GiGi Gentle Bleach Cream

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GiGi Gentle Bleaching Cream is a safe and easy-to-use bleaching cream for face, arm and leg hair that is a convenient alternative to traditional hair removal.

HAIR BLEACHING products may slightly lighten or darken the skin tone of dark pigmented individuals in the area that was treated. Lightened or darkened skin will fade back to its natural shade within 72 hours.

- DO NOT APPLY to areas treated with Retin-A, Glycolic Acid or Alpha-Hydroxy Acid products.
- DO NOT APPLY to cut, irritated, or recently shaved or tweezed skin.
- DO NOT APPLY after a hot bath or shower. Pores will be open and skin will be more sensitive.
- DO NOT EXPOSE treated areas to intense or prolonged sunlight for 24 hours before or after application.
- DO NOT USE near eyes or vaginal area.
- DO NOT OPEN tubes and mix the two creams together until you have read all the directions and are ready to begin.
- DO NOT ALLOW bleaching cream to touch metal. If plastic mixing tray is not available, use a ceramic or glass plate. Always use the plastic spatula. Never change the 2-to-1 proportion of this product.
- REMOVE any jewelry before using GiGi® Bleaching Cream.