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Godefroy 28 Day Mascara Single Application

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Tint eyelashes from root to tip, 28 Day Mascara is a non-toxic formula that contains no coal tar derivatives or hydrogen peroxide agents. This fast acting, gentle formula delivers rich, long-lasting color for at least 4 weeks.


  • Processes in less than one minute
  • No drip formula
  • Safe and effective
  • Available in Black and Brown

Note: 28 Day Mascara will only color your lashes. It will not lengthen or thicken them. See our Double Lash & Brow treatment product to lengthen and thicken eyelashes.

Kit Contains:

  • 1 – 1mL cream colorant
  • 1 – 1mL gel activator
  • 2 – eye shields
  • 1 – applicator stick
  • Instruction Sheet


Allergy Test

If using single application packets:

  1. Squeeze a small amount of solution No 1 onto the end of the applicator stick
  2. Apply to the inside of your arm
  3. Do the same with solution No 2 and apply over the same spot as solution No 1.
  4. Let stand one minute and wipe clean
  5. Place both foil packets back into the zip lock bag and store in a cool, dry place. Wait 24 hours. If no visible signs of irritation exists, you may proceed with tinting the lashes. Do not use this product if irritation is visible

If using multi application tubes, remove cap on solution No 1 Cream Colorant and use the cap to pierce the protective film on the tube. Follow the same instructions as above.

Tinting your eyelashes

For best results, wash lashes thoroughly with a mild soap and warm water, or use an oil free makeup remover. Let dry before tinting.

  1. It is best to tint one eye at a time. Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly under the eye area and apply enclosed eye shields. Make sure eye shields are placed directly below the lower eyelashes. This will prevent staining
  2. If using single application packets, remove the work station card and squeeze the entire contents of solution No 1 and No 2 onto the marked circles. DO NOT MIX. If using multi application tubes, remove cap of solution No 1 Cream Colorant and pierce the protective film on front end of the tube
  3. Apply solution No 1 onto the lashes with enclosed applicator in a downward motion towards the eye shield. Let stand a few seconds. Do not remove color
  4. Wipe applicator stick clean and apply solution No 2 over solution No 1. Be sure to coat each eyelash hair thoroughly including ends and corners of the eyelashes. Let stand one minute
  5. Remove color with a damp tissue by wiping downward towards the eye shield. Wash lashes with water to remove any residue. The tinting process is now complete

Tinting Your Eyebrows

  1. Apply petroleum jelly around the eye area to prevent accidental staining. Be careful not to get any on the eyebrows.

  2. Follow directions 2-5 for tinting the eyelashes. They are the same

Staining the skin has occurred 

  1. Stains will disappear in 1-2 days. To speed up the process, create a mild exfoliate of water and sugar, and rub gently on stain and rinse with water
  2. Apply a matte makeup or powder to cover stain.

A slight stinging sensation after applying has occurred

A slight stinging sensation is somewhat common and should subside quickly after rinsing with water. If stinging persists, discontinue use and seek medical attention


Cream Colorant:
Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Pyrogallol, Ascorbic Acid, Iron Oxide

Gel Activator:
Water, Silver Nitrate, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate / VP Copolymer, Ammonia