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Jerome Russell Hair Color Thickener for Men & Women

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Jerome Russell Spray-On Hair Color Thickener is your new go-to for achieving a flawless and fearless hair look. Transform your light to medium hair thinning spots into a luscious display of silver fox goodness. No more hiding under hats or feeling self-conscious! rock your world with an effortlessly natural and fuller hair look!


  • Thicken & Volumize Fast: We got you! This Spray-On Hair Thickener is formulated with a unique blend of premium ingredients that work in harmony with your natural hair. Gentle and safe coverage, exceptional results without irritating your precious hair and scalp. Formulated to add gorgeous volume and density without worries! It's vegan-friendly and cruelty-free too! 
  • For All Hair Types: This versatile Jerome Russell Spray works wonders on all hair types and textures, definitely the ultimate styling companion you've been looking for! Straight, wavy, curly locks, it doesn't matter! This spray gives you all-over silver/gray coverage with a picture-perfect finish. Each can contains 3.5 fl oz of pure color magic that goes on and on! 
  • Instant Fix: Sometimes life just can't wait! This Jerome Rusell thinning hair solution gives you instant hair problem spot coverage in minutes. Perfect for those moments when salon visits are simply not an option. Simply spritz on your thinning areas as instructed and watch hair volume magic unfold! Give it a quick blend-in with your fingers and ta-da! You're done and ready to SLAY! 

How to Use:

  1. Apply hair color thickener to the area by holding can nozzle about 4-6 inches away.
  2. Spray in a continuous and even motion until the hair and skin tone match. Spray the hair around the thinning area and blend.
  3. Allow area to dry and repeat if necessary until desired coverage is achieved.
  4. When hair and skin are completely dry