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KMS Curl Up Twisting Style Balm

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Curly and coily hair types know the importance of locking in moisture while providing style enhancement, which is why they love the KMS Curl Up Twisting Style Balm. This is a great product to use at the start of your style because of its castor oil and shea butter. These ingredients are natural moisturizers and help lock in moisture all day long. The Curl Up Balm is an ideal air-dry product or a great style base to layer other products. Orange and mint are added to this styling cream to calm your scalp and enhance curls. The balm activates curls and coils without weighing them down or causing shrinkage. KMS Curl Up Twisting Balm has a subtly sweet yet harmoniously vibrant scent with its blends of fragrant fruits, flowers, and greenery.


  • Castor Oil - Moisture, Frizz Control, Anti-Humidity
  • Shea Butter - Seals in Moisture, Adds Softness
  • Orange & Mint - Calming, Curl & Coil Activating
  • Adds Definition & Control
  • Reduces Curl Shrinkage

How to Use:

Apply KMS Curl Up Twisting Style Balm to towel-dried or dry hair. Roughly part your hair. Distribute evenly from roots to ends. Repeat if necessary. Style as desired.