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Moujan Pre-Waxed Strips for Body

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Moujan waxing strips are an advanced method for removing unwanted hair from the body, arms and legs.

Contains 8 pre waxed 2-sided strips for 16 applications

The process is simple, easy and safe. These two-sided pre-waxed strips have been developed to be gently pressed onto each area and then pulled off. The strips quickly and efficiently lift the hair including bulb and its roots, leaving the skin beautifully smooth for weeks. Each strip is good for two applications

How to Use:

Wash and Dry skin well. Warm strip by holding it between your hands or under a warm light for a few seconds. Separate paper from one side of the strip. Apply strip to the desired area keeping the skin taut. Gently press in the direction of hair growth until the wax adheres well. Pull the strip in the opposite direction quickly and firmly. If desired, complete the treatment by applying lotion to help soothe any minor discomfort and leave skin feeling silky soft. If any wax residue remains on the skin, apply wax remover.