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Free Shipping on orders $75+

Sorme Featherfull Mechanical Eyebrow Pencil

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A mechanical brow pencil that combines the benefits of powder, pencil and wax in one product to create naturally defined brows.

The fine point tip will make for detailed filling of the eyebrow hairs.

The double-ended component also comes with a brush to blend and groom brows into place.

Available in five shades to cover the entire hair color spectrum.

Automatic pencil, no sharpener required.

How to Use:

To achieve soft, natural-looking eyebrows, we suggest first using the spoolie end of the featherful mechanical eyebrow pencil, comb up through the brows and lift your arch. Once you have done so, use the fine point tip pencil end for detailed filling of the eyebrow hairs, fill in any gaps, this can be done using hair-like strokes, or by gently shading in any sparse areas. Once this step is complete, we recommend blending the product out using the spoolie once again, removing any harsh lines and distributing the colour for perfect, natural-looking eyebrows every time.