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Free Shipping on orders $75+

Sorme W/P Eyebrow Pencil

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Color, define and blend with this dual- purpose brow pencil and brush combo. Natural, neutral colored pencils have great texture, working to fill in brows and create ‘faux’ hair in sparse areas. Long lasting formula is waterproof and smudge proof.

How to Use:

Draw a line as close to your lashes as possible. Use the brush cap end of the eyebrow pencil to brush brow hairs upward and then define and fill the lower arch of the brow. Next, brush hairs downward and fill in the tail end of the brow. For professional-quality results and natural-looking texture, continuously comb through the hairs during application. To finish, fill in the front end of the eyebrow with minimal product in the direction of your brow hair’s natural growth