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How to mix Vivitone & Prisma hair color

How to mix Vivitone & Prisma hair color (Instructions for Use)

Prisma is the first permanent, ammonia-free cream hair color developed for environmentally safe salons. With a unique and superior formula containing Keratin and Jojoba Oil, it leaves hair perfectly conditioned while protecting hair color. This hair color offers 100% grey coverage with a natural look. Made In Italy. 2oz of color included.

Vivitone cream hair color is an innovative permanent cream hair color containing A.B.S.P. (Advanced Bio-Chemical Self Protection Complex). It leaves hair essentially damage-free, and contains protein to strengthen, aloe vera to moisturize, and sunflower extracts to protect hair color. There is no guess work; just exceptional results of stunning, shiny, vivid color, longer-lasting and 100% grey coverage. Available in 75 Shades, 6 High Lifts and 4 Correctors. Made in Italy. 3oz. Tube. 

Activator/Developer Sold Separately!

*If shopping for Vivitone or Prisma hair color online, the color chart provided is intended as a reference guide only. Colors displayed may not exactly match. Refer to the color book for further instructions to mixing and other relevant coloring info. 


It’s Time to Color!

Step 1:

Choose your hair color(s). 


  • Mixing different colors is ok, just be sure to stick with the same brand. 
  • Choose 1 shade lighter if trying a new color for the first time because if the color appears too dark after coloring, it is much more difficult to go lighter.  
  • When covering gray, it is recommended to utilize an “N” or “NN” shade/color as your base (primary color), then an additional shade such as Ash (A), Gold (G), Mahogany (M), etc. at your choosing. 

Vivitone Permanent Cream Hair Color 3oz. Ingredients

Step 2:

After finally choosing your color shade(s), it is time to prepare for the coloring session. In addition to hair color and activator, you will need the following: measurement and mixing bowl, tinting brush, comb, clips, gloves, and an old t-shirt. Utilize this time to begin sectioning hair into 4-5 equal sections. 

Section hair

Step 3: 

When coloring roots: Mix approximately 1 oz. of hair color (Prisma or Vivitone) with 2 oz. of the appropriate Vivitone Oxy Activator into a mixing bowl for a total of 3 oz. of coloring solution. If you need more, the mixing ratio for Vivitone & Prisma hair color is 1 part color : 2 parts Developer. 

  • Use 10V if depositing a hair color that is darker than one’s natural color. 
  • Use 20V if covering grays
  • Use 30V if you are lifting natural, virgin hair 1-2 shades
  • Use 40V if you are lifting natural, virgin hair 3-4 shades


For those applying a new color for the first time, it is always recommended to do a “Strand Test”.  A Strand Test is a great way to give you an example of what the color will look like and will also tell you if your skin will become irritated. This can be done by taking a small section of your hair and applying the color as a trial session, prior to doing the entire head. 

Perform a strand test!


Step 4: 

Apply hair coloring solution on dry hair using a tinting brush. Saturate hair and comb through sections for an even color. Process on hair for 30-45 minutes. This step may require help from a friend, especially when applying on the back side of the head. It may be difficult both in terms of dexterity when reaching to that area or to see where you are applying. 


Step 5: 

Gently rinse hair with room temperature water. After rinsing, you may notice some residual color that sticks to the skin, specifically around the forehead and ears. Use hair color stain remover to quickly remove. 


Han’s Beauty strongly recommends using color-safe shampoo without sulfates to prevent color from fading and looking dull. 

Instructions for use can be found on the inside of the hair color box. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

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