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Omega 3 Benefits for Hair and Skin

Omega 3 Benefits for Hair and Skin

The benefits of Omega 3's have been widely studied and are abundant in everyday foods like walnuts, seafood, fatty fish, and certain seed and plant oils. From helping your body lower inflammation to reducing risk of heart disease, it’s a healthful nutrient that packs a punch for our bodies but, how about for our hair and skin? 


Turns out the benefits are just as amazing on the outside of our bodies as it is on the inside but, it’s important that the product being used is potent enough.  Whether you’re ingesting it as a capsule or getting the nutrients from food, without the proper potency, the health benefits likely will not be seen unless it is used with consistency for months. 

This is where the problems lie when it comes to maximizing the skin and hair benefits of Omega 3’s. 

Not everyone is able to consistently eat Omega 3 foods for months to then finally see the added benefits. What if you’re allergic to certain seafoods and nuts? What if you stop eating those foods? Well there’s always omega 3 pills but who wants to have to take it with a meal everyday or risk not taking it with a meal and getting those terrible smelly burps. What if I can’t consistently add it to my regimen? 

Where there is a problem there is opportunity for a solution and there is finally a hair and face treatment that can be used to bypass all these issues. How do we get the direct hair and skin benefits of Omega 3's without the hassle of having to consistently eat it? AO3 Beauty, a new brand that we are now carrying in-store (coming soon online), has been able to extract plant based omega 3’s, concentrate it into a hair and face treatment without any of the fishy smell, oiliness, quick decay, etc. Instead, the texture is light, smooth, quickly absorbed, not sticky, and most importantly, potent. It has over 40% of Omega 3 concentration and when combined with Omega 6 and Omega 9, there’s an overall 90%+ concentration of these fatty acids allowing you to have all of the benefits like improving your skin’s brightness and firmness without the hassle of ingesting it daily for months. 

AO3 Beauty has the highest concentration of 100% plant based Omega 3 in beauty. Their plant based Omega 3 anti aging serum and nourishing hair oil are vegan and cruelty free. 


For their face serum, you’ll find 6 primary benefits including-

Anti- aging: Increases hydration to the skin making it softer and smoother 

Anti- inflammatory: Improves skin barrier function to seal in moisture, keep out irritants and protect skin from UV rays. *does not substitute as a sunscreen! 

Anti- wrinkle: Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles by firming and tightening skin. 

Rejuvenates skin by providing a daily glow

Repairs skin damage by brightening 

Restores skin’s natural moisture through deep long lasting hydration


Like their face serum, their hair oil is also highly concentrated and effective:

Ao3 Beauty Omega 3 hair oil

Luxuriously lightweight hair oil instantly restores natural shine and silkiness to the strands for coarse and all types of hair

Calms dry, frizzy hair, while helping improve hair health

Helps with preventing inflammatory scalp conditions and possibly dandruff

Deeply hydrates and softens to damaged & coarse hair

Alcohol free, paraben-free, sulfated-surfactants free

Lasts for 8+ hours


Step into the world of Omega 3 with AO3's versatile hair and skin oil products and see the benefits for yourself! 

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