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What is Dry Shampoo? and How to Use It?

What is Dry Shampoo? and How to Use It?

Have you ever heard of dry shampoo before? It is one of the most versatile category of product that we carry in our stores and happens to be gaining lots of attention. First, dry shampoo is any product that refreshes hair without the use of water, thus being dry. It is a wonderful product for people on-the-go or just want to refresh and texturize hair. Whatever it is that may cause excess oil in the hair or greasy hair, dry shampoo will refreshen and give more life to limp, oily hair. Also, for those who purposely avoid washing with liquid shampoo, dry shampoo serves as an effective and easy substitute. 

Uses for Dry Shampoo:

  1. Refreshen Hair
  2. Add Hold and Texture to Fresh Hair
  3. Extend the length of blowouts
  4. Prevent Oil Buildup
  5. Help hair accessories stay in place

Can I use dry shampoo everyday? How often should I be using dry shampoo?

Despite being one of the most versatile products for its plethora of benefits, excess use of dry shampoo can result in some issues. The main being that due the texture of dry shampoo often being powder, too much of the product can cause a buildup of residue on the scalp, which may result in bigger issues such as clogging hair follicles and limiting hair growth. Therefore, it is best to use dry shampoo in between washes to ensure no product residue is left over. Those who often use dry shampoo should look into clarifying shampoos to ensure a clean and healthy scalp. 

Tips from the Professionals to ensure proper use:

  • Shake well before use. Nobody likes clumps.
  • If an aerosol can, spray dry shampoo 8-12 inches away from hair. This ensures a wider and more even distribution of the product to a hair section. 
  • Always remember to massage the dry shampoo into the scalp with your fingertips. This allows the product to absorb oils through the hair, as opposed to a small area and any white colored residue should disappear 
  • Don’t put the dry shampoo into rapid fire. Short and small bursts will prevent you from using an excess amount 
  • Use Dry Shampoo the night before if you’re not planning on shampooing in the morning.
  • Some dry shampoos can be sticky when used in excess, be aware.

Where to bring my dry shampoo?

  1. Your Purse for use at any time
  2. Gym or Athletic Bag
  3. Hiking or Outdoor Trips
  4. Overnight Music Festivals


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Han’s Favorite:

L’ANZA Healing Style Dry Shampoo

L'ANZA Healing Style Dry Shampoo

- Our favorite dry shampoo uses mineral powder to absorb impurities with no left over residue or itchy feeling. It also has peppermint which gives the scalp a light, fresh, tingling sensation. Smells good and works great for normal oil production. Good for use on light or dark colored hair.

Customer Favorite:

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo (Sold In-Store Only)

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

- Fun and Great Fragrance. Most customers love Amika’s Dry Shampoo enough to purchase another can. Tends to be better for blondes looking for refreshened and textured hair. 

Runner Up:

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

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